Huesos Antroposónicos 17: Olvidadas de la memoria musical

Programa transmitido el día miércoles 21 de marzo de 2018

1-The Sound – I can’t escape myself
2-The Sound – Heartland
3-The Sound – Heyday
4-The Sound – Unwritten Law
5-Scars – Leave Me in Autumn
6-Scars – Fear of the Dark
7-Scars – David
8-Scars – The Lady in the Car with…
9-Dalis Car – Dalis Car
10-Dalis Car – Cornwall Stone
11-Dalis Car – Moodlife
12-Dalis Car – The Judgement is the Mirror
13-The Opposition – If That Wasn’t Love
14-The Opposition – Mr. Cleanum
15-The Opposition – The World’s Firts Vitaphone Announcement
16-The Opposition – Empire Days
17-Killing Joke – Adorations
18-Killing Joke – Sanity
19-Killing Joke – Victory
20-Killing Joke – Goodbye To The Village
21-So – Are You Sure
22-So – Dreaming
23-So – Horseshoe In The Glove
24-So – Villains
25- The Dolphin Brothers – Catch The Fall
26- The Dolphin Brothers – Shining
27- The Dolphin Brothers – Love That You Need
28- The Dolphin Brothers – Host To The Holy