Recolección Ecléctica 052

Programa transmitido el día jueves 17 de enero de 2019

1-Philip Bailey/ Phil Collins – Easy Lover 
2-Shawn Colvin – Steady On
3-Dubstar – Love Gathers
4-A Second Of June – Fan The Fame
5-The Human League – You Remind Me Of Gold
6-Sade – Hang On to Your Love (12″ Long Version)
7-Chava Flores – Pobre Tom
8-Chava Flores – El Retrato De Manuela
9-Chava Flores – Mi Amigo Nacho
10-Andrew Francis – Under My Thumb
11-Johnny Cash – Man In Black
12-Diamante – Coming In Hot
13-G.B.H – Children Of Dust
14-Danzig – Pain Is Like An Animal
15-And One – Exit
16-Spetsnaz – Onwards
17-Ilai – Sacred Places
18-808 State – Disco State
19-Dual Resonance – We Are Universe (Original Mix)
20-Kaiju – Silverfish