Recolección Ecléctica 053

Programa transmitido el día jueves 24 de enero de 2019

1-Gary Wright – Dreamweaver 
2-The Ocean Blue – Sad Night, Where Is Morning?
3-Debbie Harry – Strike Me Pink
4-Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It
5-Chuck Berry – Sweet Little Sixteen
6-Murk – Dark Beat (Addicted To Drums) feat. Oba Frank Lords
7-Maxi Priest – Message In A Bottle (Reversión)
8-Fatboy Slim – Where U Iz (12- Mix) 
9-Wall Of Voodoo – Mexican Radio
10-Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit 
11-Pearl Jam – Animal 
12-Screaming Trees – Shadow Of The Season
13-Meat Beat Manifesto – Mindstream
14-Mussolini Headkick – Europe (Radio Mix)
15-Front Line Assembly – Digital Tension Dementia [Contagion Mix]
16-High Level Static – Eloise
17-Cosmic baby – Fantasia 
18-Paul Van Dyk – My World (Visual Valley Mix) 
19-B.B.E.- Seven Days & One Week (Dirt Devils Remix)
20-Deux Tigres – Dragonfly (Dub Mix)