Recolección Ecléctica 071

Transmitido el día jueves 29 de agosto de 2019. Con temas de David Bowie, James Brown, Natalie Imbruglia y más…

01-David J Haskins – The Day That David Bowie Died
02-David Bowie – Dollar Days
03-James Brown – Cold Sweat
04-Natalie Imbruglia – That Day 
05-Elastica – 2:1
06-Naked Eyes – Voices in My Head 
07-Pink Turns Blue – Something Deep Inside 
08-Big Audio Dynamite – Sudden Impact! 
09-D Train – You’re the One For Me (Remix)  
10-Beats International – Blame It on the Bassline 
11-Herbie Hancock – Rockit (Long-Version) 
12-Blur – There’s No Other Way
13-Siouxsie & The Banshees – Peek-A-Boo 
14-Night Sins – Lonely In The Mirror 
15-C-A-T – Predictive Audio 
16-Juno Reactor – Let’s Turn On (GMS Remix) 
17-War Scenes – Call at Six (Original Mix)
18-Moreno Pezzolato – On the Beach 
19-Fractions – Rave Anthem 
20-Evgeny Bardyuzha – Termites (Radio Edit)