Recolección Ecléctica 105

Transmitiendo las distintas tonalidades recolectivas de la buena música. Jueves 23 de julio de 2020. Con música de Donovan, Led Zeppelin, Pizzicato Five y más…

01-Donovan – Sunshine Superman
02-Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
03-Andy Summers & Robert Fripp – I Advance Masked
04-Pizzicato Five – (La Guerrra se Acabo)
05-Mecano- Héroes de la Antártida
06-Pretenders – Didn’t Want to Be This Lonely
07-Martin L Gore – Compulsion
08-Onetwo – Cloud Nine
09-The Waterboys – The Soul Singer
10-Such Beautiful Flowers – In The Wake Of Life
11-Twin Tribes – The River
12-Bracco – Fribourg
13-Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine – John Dillinger
14-White Zombie – Thunder Kiss ’65
15-Velvet Acid Christ – Cog (Feat. David Thrussell)
16-Blue Eyed Christ – World on Fire (Feat. En Esch & Mea Fisher)
17-God Module – Cross My Heart (ES23 Remix)
18-Alexander Robotnick – Obsession for the Disco Freaks
19-iEuropean – Activity Of Sound (Movement Version)
20-Mike Shinoda – Neon Crickets